Advanced Training

Advanced training courses

Module 1 Diversity Policy
Unit 1 Diversity Policy ADVANCED TRAINING
Module 2 Unconscious Biases
Unit 1 Unconscious Biases ADVANCED TRAINING
Module 3 Diversity Acknowledgment
Unit 1 Diversity Acknowledgment ADVANCED TRAINING | Quiz
Module 4 Ten Commandments of Communicating with people with Disabilities
Unit 1 Ten Commandments of Communicating with People with Disabilities
Unit 2 Communicating with people with disabilities quiz
Module 5 Sure Loc ADA securement
Unit 1 Sure Loc Passenger Securement Training
Unit 2 Sur-Loc passenger securement quiz
Module 6 Remedial Roadway
Unit 1 Bus_ Intersections
Unit 2 Bus_ Traffic Lights
Unit 3 Bus_ Pedestrians & Bicyclists
Unit 4 Bus_ Erratic Drivers & Overhead Clearances
Unit 5 Bus_ Emergency Vehicles & Railroad Crossings
Unit 6 Bus_ Backing
Unit 7 Bus_ Left Hand Turns
Module 7 Lancer ADVANCED Customer Care
Unit 1 Lancer Insurance - ADA Compliance ADVANCED
Unit 2 Lancer Insurance - ADA Compliance Quiz ADVANCED
Unit 3 Lancer Insurance - Customer Care and Passenger Safety ADVANCED
Unit 4 Lancer Insurance - Customer Care QUIZ ADVANCED