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What is A.I.D.E.?

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CMV Traffic Safety Facts

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FMCSA’s mission is saving lives by reducing crashes, injuries, and fatalities involving CMV transportation through education, innovation, regulation, enforcement, financial assistance, partnerships, and full accountability. The information in the following link shares traffic safety facts related to CMV related incidents.   cmvtrafficsafetyfactsheet2018

Icy Roads: If you have an accident

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Don’t Let Drowsy Driving Ruin Your Holidays

By Post Master | 11/22/2018 | Comments Off on Don’t Let Drowsy Driving Ruin Your Holidays

The increased demands and activities of the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s holidays, such as parties, family gatherings and shopping, means that drivers are often skimping on a good night’s sleep. Additionally, companies may put additional driving demands on drivers based on the busy holiday season. This translates into a particularly dangerous time of year…

CMV Equipment theft and potential weaponization

By Post Master | 09/27/2017 | Comments Off on CMV Equipment theft and potential weaponization

Recently, a Motorcoach was stolen while idling at a pickup point for passengers. Two Motorcoaches were staged and waiting to be loaded with passengers when the first Motorcoach drove away. The vehicle was, as is common, left running while the driver was preparing to load passengers. The vehicle was boarded by a thief, and driven…

Driver Visual Awareness Slows During Conversations

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A new study from the University of Iowa concludes that drivers engaged in a conversation — either over the phone or with a passenger — are slower to recognize and respond to a new object in their field of view. A conversation creates an “attention disengagement” lag, researchers found, which affects the driver’s ability to…

Staying Safe on America’s Freeways

By Post Master | 07/04/2017 | Comments Off on Staying Safe on America’s Freeways

Driving on a freeway is probably the safest driving any professional driver will ever do. You can generally travel long distances without stopping or without having to contend with intersections, narrow streets, bicycles and pedestrians. However, because of the higher speed and traffic volume, freeway driving requires a higher degree of driver awareness. Entering/Exiting Freeways…

Your Defensive Driving Formula

By Post Master | 05/30/2017 | Comments Off on Your Defensive Driving Formula

No matter how much experience you have behind the wheel, there are always new hazards and situations waiting for you just around the next corner. You can prepare yourself to face these challenges by driving defensively. Defensive driving is about using your skills and knowledge to protect yourself against the unsafe acts of other drivers,…

Rail Road Crossing Safety

By Post Master | 03/31/2017 | Comments Off on Rail Road Crossing Safety

Due to recent events, this Rail Road Crossing Safety presentation is now available. Please take a few minutes to watch the presentation, as there are some dramatic illustrations about Rail Road Crossing Safety. You may need to click the link below to access this presentation depending on your device and Browser. Be safe out there!…