Welcome to your new SMS (Safety Management System)

Hello and welcome to your new SMS (Safety Management System). The message you are receiving is an email message with a link in it to a BLOG Post.  From time to time, you will receive these notifications, and by clicking the attached link, you will be taken directly to the BLOG Post. Please try clicking the link and see how it works.

Now, what is an SMS?

An SMS is a resource for companies that encourage a Safety Culture. This Cloud Based system is a repository for training and education materials as well as a tool for effective communication within a Transportation Company.  The system is accessible by all devices, so if you happen to be on the road, and need to get some information on the equipment you are using, you can login from your Smart Phone and access the materials you need.

A SMS also provides a structure for new employee training that allows consistent training and testing as well as monthly refresher training with customized topics for your company. As the system builds, this mobile “Library” that is exclusive to this SMS Owner will be available to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Every month there will be industry relevant courses that keep you on the forefront of the transportation industry.

With the Email and BLOG posting functions, you will be able to get relevant information and offers or technical guidance as it becomes available. A great example is if a law is enacted that affects the Transportation Industry, you will have access to that information both immediately and for future reference in your BLOG post library. Additionally, this information can be converted into ta training course to make sure that the Green Horn Drivers have access to the valuable information.

As your SMS comes online, please feel free to explore and get acquainted with it. Please be aware that the USERNAME is case sensitive, the format or this SMS is: FIRSTNAMELASTNAME all in CAPS and all together with no spaces. Your initial notification has a computer generated password that should be Copied and Pasted into your password window for the first time. Once you have logged in, you should go to the upper right hand corner and change your password to one of your choosing for security. If at any time you are having difficulties, please do not hesitate to use the Contact Admin button located on the page.

That is it for now, please be on the look out for updated information as your SMS is updated and customized. Please fell free to explore the Employee Tool Box Section, and Feel free to begin working on the Monthly Refresher section for fun. Take care, talk to you soon!